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In the popular study carried out by Design Management Institute and Motiv*, it was found out that Design-driven companies out-performed the S&P 500 by over 228% in a period of 10 years. What was their secret? Design. In the recent decade, design has proved incredibly valuable to businesses the world over. Companies have used methods steeped in design to out-perform their competition through unique differentiation, incredibly better customer experiences, and design-driven cultures. DODO’s workshops are specifically focused on helping companies towards adopting and using a culture of innovation to achieve long term advantage and growth. These workshops are hands-on and deal with real-world problems, so companies can immediately begin to implement and see results as they go. Select which option suits your organization below.

In a series of workshops, DODO is showing practically how companies of every size can use design as a tool for growth. See our options below.

Creative Workshops for Businesses

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Prototyping for Business

In most cases, when creating a new service or a product, design has always been brought to the tail end of the process, for instance in marketing a product, in package design, branding and so on. However, design has proved to be more lucrative for companies when brought to the fore-front of the creation process, when creating a product or service for the customer. One of the ways is through prototyping. Prototyping is a process embedded in Design that enables businesses to test products and services (even adverts) with ideal customers, quickly and cost-effectively. The benefits of this process for companies of all sizes are invaluable. You can prototype your offerings to discover hidden customer needs, gain valuable customer feedback and better address customer needs with business solutions that benefit them. In a 2-day, 2-week practical workshop, DODO helps you build and test your offering(s) in the real world, making sure that at the end of the workshop, you are armed with a solution that better meets your customers’ needs and succeeds in the market. This powerful method can be used on relatively any product or service within any industry, not limited to Financial, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Tech, FMCGs, and Insurance.

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Innovation Workshop

If the adoption of design-driven methodologies is key to long term growth and industry dominance, then companies not only want to learn about design and innovation, they want to adopt innovation practices within their organization. We work closely with the key teams within companies to ignite a mindset and practice of design within the organization with innovation and growth as the primary goal. In a 5-day Innovation Workshop, we work with strategic departments of corporations, helping them to (i) tackle specific internal ‘wicked’ problems they’re facing using design methods; or (ii) test a product or service they’re aiming to get to market; or (iii) focus on a specific internal process to make it geared more towards innovation. This intense 5-day workshop is very hands-on, as it engages the critical team members of an organization, arming them with the framework to build innovation within the company, the map for execution, and tying it all together with the metrics to measure ROI. The end goal is to have a company more geared towards innovation, to create solutions to real customer needs and to position for long term dominance in their industry.

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