Intensive Innovation Workshop

Learn How to Drive Innovation within your Team and Company

A 3-day intensive workshop to give strategy teams the tools they need to bring to market innovative solutions that customers love.

The Intensive Innovation Workshop

The Intensive Innovation Workshop is an intensive collaborative session to help you gain the tools and knowledge needed to rapidly process ideas into product/service solutions that customers need and value.


What's going on in the world today?

In the age where customers switch brands at a whim, where agility is the watchword across industries and where disruption is prevalent, innovation is a must. So, why Innovation? Why Design? Design led companies are the most successful in the long term. Research has shown this. So, how do you create a culture of innovation or grow a design and innovation led company?

What you and your team will gain from this Workshop

Learn agile tactics
with your team
Gain creative problem
solving skills
Learn to build great
products with your team

Learn innovation and agility tactics

DODO’s 3-day intensive innovation workshop is built to help companies’ strategic teams become more customer-centric, innovation-driven and agile. Through this intensive workshop, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge for rapid acceleration of ideas, processes and launching product or service solutions that customers need and value all for the long term benefit of the Company.

Throughout, you’ll be learning team collaboration techniques and rapid acceleration tactics.

Innovation Workshop DODO

DAY 1 | DEEP DIVE (10.00AM - 5.00PM)

We’ll start off with a briefing, this manages and aligns expectations, while setting everyone up for the intensive sessions ahead. After goals have been agreed upon, we launch into discovery. We do a deep dive to discover what’s happening within your industry and company as well as externally. This helps us think divergently and also have an understanding of where your corporation is at.
Leveraging off of our findings, we will establish the objectives of the workshop and key takeaways for the team focusing on areas of change and opportunities for growth.

DODO Innovation workshop Day2

DAY 2 | CREATE (10.00AM - 5.00PM)

With a clear path in front of us, we will ideate and create action steps to reach the objectives we set in the previous step. As we create actions, we will have matching metrics to let us know we are hitting our goals. Here you learn through practicals, how to come with out-of-box solutions.

DODO Innovation workshop day3

DAY 3 | ESTABLISH (10.00AM - 5.00PM)

Armed with actions steps from the earlier phase, we begin to execute following a well mapped out framework. Along with the solution, we will together build a pitch for buy-in from sponsors, executives and stakeholders.

Who will benefit from this workshop?
Strategy, Innovation and Digital Teams

Taught by certified experts in Design & Innovation

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