Tools Brochure For Product and Innovation Teams

The team at DODO has developed a collection of tools to aid product, digital and innovation teams, as they work to bring competitive products to their customers. These tools have been developed in house by our team or have been gotten from global leaders in innovation and contextualised for Nigerian and African teams, either way they work to help teams across any industry improve their processes and deliver better products to their users.

Download it for free and use it within your team to creatively collaborate, better understand your customers, improve customer experience and drive innovation within your team.

Below are the tools included:

  • Customer Journey Map Tool
  • Financial Prototype Tool
  • Design Audit Tool
  • Idea Generation Tool
  • What? Why? How? Tool
  • Trend Matrix
  • Innovation Sourcebook
  • Diverge-converge Tool
  • Offering Viability Tool
  • Implementation Map
  • Mountains and Valleys
  • UX/UI Process Framework
  • Effort-Impact Matrix
  • Empathy Map
  • 5 Whys Framework
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Business Model Canvas

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