Save it Myself

Project History

Just like everything else, children need to be taught the practice of saving money so they can get better at it.
Save it Myself’s founder discovered an easy and fun way to teach this important practice to children right from a young age, so when they became adults the activity became a more permanent practice.
She began with fun boxes to encourage parents and their children to engage in the activity, and needed an identity to speak to her audience loud and clear.
Inspirational messaging and imagery on banners to engage both parents and children.


These boxes and the entire program needed a fun and engaging logo, that would entice children and encourage their parents alike.
Fun branding and communication to engage parents and motivate children

Brand Strategy and Logo Design

When speaking to children of a certain age, parents have to be considered as they are the part of the decision makers that enable children consistently use a product or service.
With this in mind, DODO created a fun and catchy logo design along with communication materials that would engage not just children, but get their parents attention to help their children begin the activity of saving more.

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27, Olateju Street, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria. 08095221113
27, Olateju Street, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria. 08095221113