Nisa Hospital

Project History

Nisa Premier Hospital, located in Abuja, is one of the leading hospitals in Nigeria. Nisa was well known in the country for big achievements like being the first hospital to deliver a test tube baby. The hospital had also been recognized by the Government for several achievements and was one of the first private hospitals the Government partnered with.
The re-branded Nisa logo


With all these accomplishments, the hospital was needing to redo its image to highlight its position both in the minds of the public and to establish it’s place in the market.
A new identity was needed to accomplish this goal and begin the story of a truly premier Hospital.

Brand Strategy and Logo

Using the powerful success stories behind the brand, we portrayed the hospital as a unique caregiver different from the rest. The form is organic, depicting life, at the same time it abstractly shows a mother cradling a baby, this points to the hospital’s legacy of successfully birthing babies in almost impossible situations. The colours used also help to communicate the message the brand is conveying.
Branded materials.

How can we help you?

27, Olateju Street, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria. 08095221113
27, Olateju Street, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria. 08095221113