FundQuest Financial Services

Project History

FundQuest Financial Services Ltd., is a one-of-kind financial company that stands out for their customer-friendliness, innovation and integrity.


FundQuest reached out to DODO to create a logo and identity system that showed who they are – a guide helping people to achieve their financial goals. A few years later, we re-designed the company’s website. The goal was to organize the information on the website to allow easy access to what site visitors were looking for, as well as an easy way to contact the company.
Branded Corporate Stationery 

Brand Strategy and Logo Design

To call attention to the quality of FundQuest as a guide, our strategy was to portray an image of authority and integrity while showing the brand to be one that stood as a guide, ready to help people achieve their goals. DODO created an icon within a word mark that portrayed a compass’ needle, which is generally understood to lead people to a desired destination.

Website Design

The website design was redone to be clean, without being overbearing due to the massive amount of information available to visitors. A lot of care was taken to group information in a well organized manner, so customers were led to what they needed and could easily access the best selling products the firm had to offer. More importantly, the company’s contact information and Call-to-Action buttons were placed strategically to allow customers easy access to the company.


Mr Bisi Oni, (FundQuest Financial Services)
DODO Design Agency gave life to the FundQuest dream. "They worked from the conception to the "to the production of creatives and production of Brand guide for FundQuest Financial Services Limited. Their originality, perception and ability to interprete concept is very commendable"

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27, Olateju Street, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria. 08095221113
27, Olateju Street, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria. 08095221113