The Reason Behind our Blog Name - "The Peel"

Created August 14, 2018 Branding

In coming up with a name for our blog, the Peel came to mind quickly. 

The first question many people ask us when they meet any of us is if our name, DODO refers to plantains, or the dodo bird. Now while we do love plantain, our name doesn’t have anything to do with it.

However, there’s no denying the relationship to plantain is a great conversation starter and a little intriguing.

And so in creating our blog, going with the peel sounded very appropriate. Peeling something off is removing the skin to reveal what’s on the inside. On our blog, we wanted to give people a look into our work behind the scenes here at DODO, and our personal lives, all in the aims of inspiring and adding value to them in some way. 

The Peel’ as drawn by Preeminence

Our primary reason why we exist as a business is to use our skills, especially design, to add value to businesses and lives, many know this as the double bottom line. We wanted this to show through our blog, by talking about the professional and personal aspects of our lives, but with the ultimate goal of inspiring and bettering you, our readers.

We must warn you, we will go personal, we will go a little bit deep in some cases. 

We will share stories from our personal lives and morals we learnt from them, reasons why each of us does what we do, our skills and why we’re passionate about them. Our processes in design, highlighting how design is merging with business as a strategic tool, even lessons we learn living our everyday lives as creatives in Lagos.

Stay tuned, and hope you enjoy! And do send us feedback at [email protected]!

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