Qualities To Look Out For In A Professional Web Design Agency In Nigeria

We live in a time when almost everything has gone digital. We now shop, make bookings and reservations, study, and even bank online. The world has gone digital, ‘like we always say’ and smart businesses are leveraging on their presence online to increase ROI.

A company’s website is one of the most important tools businesses can use to promote their products and services. It is important that your website is easy to navigate, engaging for visitors, and selling.

Making a choice about the right web design agency in Nigeria to choose for your web project is a major investment for your business. As such, this decision has to be made carefully to avoid the costly mistake of choosing the wrong agency partner. Here are a few qualities to look out for when hiring a web design agency in Nigeria for your project.

A Clearly Defined Work Process

One good quality to look out for in a professional web design agency in Nigeria is their work process. A typical work process would define the modus operandi of the web design agency - how they get their work done. The work process should be clear on how goals and deadlines are met ultimately better serving you the client.

The Ability to Build For Users (Human-centered)

Another quality to look out for in a professional web design agency in Nigeria is the ability of the agency to consider the users they are building for. The web design agency should have a history of taking out time to understand users through methods such as design research; using UX methods such as user empathy maps, the UX honeycomb, and others; and carrying out other key design processes, such as iteration and collaboration. From UI/UX design, content strategy and development, it is important that your website appeals to the right audience to achieve this, there is a need to understand the users the website will be built for.

Building for users is an effective way of using your website as a marketing tool to endear your brand to the right users and be competitive in your market industry.

A (Design) Research Driven Mindset

An agency with a (design) research-driven mindset will always discover ways to make a product or idea better positioned for growth. This is one very important quality to look out for in an agency. One of the ways to stand out from the crowd in the ever-evolving digital space is by doing something that is different from the norm, especially in this era when there are so many content users consume on the internet.

The agency should be able to research your area of interest or industry to understand the stakeholders and competitors thereby finding a way to deliver a website that’s not only competitive but also helps you get a larger market share in your industry.

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Design research is stated here for a reason, most firms do market research, which is great, however, many have generally abandoned the other side of the coin. While market research seeks to understand "the who?" and "the what?", it uses numbers to drive decisions, design research seeks to understand "the why?" and "the how?". It goes further to seek out behavioural patterns, emotional needs, and pain points to ensure customer satisfaction and a great experience on your platform at the end of the day.


In choosing a web design agency, you need to also consider previous works done. While looking at the projects done, focus more on the quality of work and the creativity put into each project, this way you can ascertain whether the priority of the agency is on delivering quality in a creative way or just building for the sake of it. Ensure that the web design agency does not compromise on quality and meets acceptable standards at all times.

Good Project Understanding

You need the right agency to help you achieve the goals of your web project, hence, the importance of having a partner who understands every detail of your project brief. Once a project is understood, there should be a clear communication of the web technologies and design requirements for the project, project scope, project timeline, and deliverables. 

I hope these qualities listed will be instrumental in helping you make the right decision when looking for a web design agency in Nigeria for your next project.

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