How to Improve the User Experience of a Digital Product for Growth

Created August 06, 2020 User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) has risen to become one of the most considered buzz words in the area of digital products, this same term which was earlier considered unimportant, now has immense clout in the industry. Company stakeholders in almost every industry have begun to recognize the impact User Experience has on the ROI of their digital products, hence, user experience (UX) is becoming more mainstream. In many cases, it is considered a key contributor to a company’s growth and longevity in the market. 

For any company looking to improve the user experience of their digital product(s), here are some factors to consider:


UX Research

Designing an exceptional User Experience for a digital product starts with Research, this means knowing your users or the audience you are designing for in-depthly

Before you consider the other variables in product development, it is best to start with understanding the problem you are trying to solve. Using research as the starting off point, you will not only understand your users but also be equipped to create delightful and competitive experiences for them, even if a similar product is already in the market. Unfortunately, this important stage is often overlooked in product development, UX Research experts are often called in at a later stage when a product has already lost its place in the market. User experience research when employed, ensures that the right functionalities and features are included in a product, providing optimum user experiences, effortless interaction, and ultimately business gains. With Research, UX researchers and designers can conduct deep user research and analysis as well as testing, in order to eliminate unnecessary and complex features when designing a product. 



To build a successful product today, one must consider simplicity and usability amongst other factors. Today, users are more inclined to use products that are simple and less stressful to use, little wonder why Don Norman said the most important characteristics of a usable product is understanding and discoverability. This aspect is very dependent on the User Experience design of the product. With increasing competition in the market, UX designers are constantly tasked with the goal of creating a consistently optimal experience for digital products. The digital environment is saturated with numerous products and users are becoming more digitally inclined by the day, hence applying user-friendly design (often referred to as user-centered design) is mandatory in order to drive growth, gain user trust and ensure loyalty long term. Companies like Facebook, Apple and Google have consistently leveraged on user experience to create products that are appreciated by users and ultimately drive the growth of their business.


Growth and Positive Brand Experience

Growth, in many ways, is synonymous with conversion rate (defined as the percentage of users who complete a desired action on a digital product). Emphasis on complete, as conversion cannot be said to have taken place if a user dropped off early on in the journey due to difficulty or complexity. One of the techniques UX designers are expected to master is the many techniques of analyzing their target audience, this allows them to see and improve the user’s experience and subsequently improve conversion rates. UX designers function hand in hand with the product success team to identify customer pain points and to help solve them, leading to an increase in conversion rates. Another important factor that leads to growth for a company long term is brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is derived from customers’ having positive brand experiences with your product. If the experience is bad, your brand risks losing customers. Users hardly forget the products that gave them a pleasant experience, they remember and form their opinion about a product the moment they use it. Brand loyalty is heavily dependent on the experience provided to users.

Lastly, the value of UX design can at times be hard to see, which is why businesses sometimes hurry past it or skip it entirely, when they are building a product. However, it has been proven that the UX process remains an essential part of the overall success of a product. As stated earlier, good UX solves the important aspects of product usability and user engagement. It also helps mitigate the risk of permanently damaging a brand’s image from a lackluster user experience. Investing in User Experience gives much more returns to businesses than what they put into it.

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