How Doulingo Nailed Their Product Using Design

Created November 26, 2018 The Business Value of Design

How did a company grow its users from 3 Million to 200 Million in just 5 years? Design helped. Read how below.

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How Duolingo Grew their Users to 200 Million in just 5 years
Growing number of customers is not an easy feat by any means, but growing a user base from 3 million to 200 million users in today's terrain is certainly not an easy task. However, that's what an educational app Duolingo did in just 5 years.

A huge part of their growth has been credited to the team's understanding and the relevance they placed on design.

One of the main ways they were successfully able to achieve this kind of growth was because of the 'big user testing culture at Duolingo'. There was relentless experimentation on every part of their product and they iterated on data they discovered to make the customer's experience on their app better. 

This dedication to continue testing and improving their product has made Duolingo successfully create great experiences for users that keep them returning. 

One instance was when they were getting users to use the app for the first time, the common practice then, was for users to sign up with their email as soon as they started using the product. However, they found they were losing users because of most people exited at the invitation to sign up.

Then Duolingo tested for a solution by delaying the signup process till users were deep into using the app. They further tested asking users to sign up once or many times, even letting them dismiss the message. They further tested, even changing the colour of the button. The results were outstanding: they found out that people preferred signing up much later into their use of the app.

An exciting onboarding process

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Lessons to Learn
Not only does Duolingo test various parts of their product, but the company also values design as an integral factor in the driving the growth of the business. For a business to be successful in the design practice of user testing, the company's top management must buy into the process. 

In the words of one of their staff.

It certainly helps that our CEO and most of the leadership really do value design... Designers are embedded in pretty much every team we have — an equal seat at the table.
All of our product decisions are made from a designer’s perspective.

How Can You Use This in Your Business?
Growing and retaining customers is key in any business, it is essential for businesses to get their top management's buy-in of design as a strategic tool for growing customer numbers. 

In addition, 'relentless testing, experimentation and improvement on your product or service' will lead to customer retainment and satisfaction.



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