How Coca-Cola Uses Design and Innovation to Refresh the World

Created June 26, 2019 The Business Value of Design

The guys at Coca Cola have been around for over 133 years, and that’s a seriously long time for a business to exist. It’s no secret that Coca Cola has definitely done something right, and that thing is innovation.

Coca-Cola has evolved on a yearly basis, looking for new ways to appeal to their customers. In marketing, product offering, service delivery and in brand as a whole, Coke’s evolution wasn't done by chance. It was a deliberate effort.

Today, Coca-Cola is the 9th strongest brand in the world, other businesses that started at around the same time are either no longer in existence or not as successful.

Coca-Cola using Design and Innovation to stay on top of the markets

So how did Coca-cola remain this consistent?

Though Coke still uses their trademark logotype and has kept the taste of their famous soda pretty consistent since inception, the company has long been utilizing design to transform themselves into one of the most valuable brands in the world.

Today with the establishment of the KOlab, they have been able to collaborate with retailers to explore trends, insights and uncover growth opportunities - no wonder they keep growing.

Coca-Cola has always been a brand that listens and loves to collaborate with their customers, getting insights that keep them competitive.

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Lessons to Learn


Coca -cola’s success and longevity in the market leans to the fact that they envisioned building their business and brand not as an isolated process, but as a collaborative effort at every point. You’ll find that whenever a major decision was to be made, they strategically reached out to their customers, not only to involve them, but to get insights from actual users on how to progress.

The KOlab, Coke’s creative hub, has become a dedicated place where they explore trends and find new opportunities.

How Can You Use This in Your Business?


Consider how developing an ecosystem that allows for collaboration between key stakeholders of a company (i.e. both customers, as well as employees and decision makers within the organization) can drive innovation in your organization.

This is a critical step to imbibing a culture of innovation.

Start looking into creating a department for design and innovation in your company, either with the help of a design agency or consultant that focuses on innovation and design strategy to help you.

Businesses aiming for agility, market disruption, and long term stay, like Coca Cola will benefit from doing this.

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