DODO’S 2nd Year Anniversary In Replay

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Its been 2 years of fun, challenges, innovation, victories, setbacks, laughter and tears, but most important of all, it’s been 2 years of steady growth.

As we gathered in our inner office to brainstorm ideas to mark DODO’s 2nd  year in business, we were torn between doing something grande to show our excitement or something small and intimate within the team to create a bonding experience for us all.


After much deliberations, we decided it was best to do something in-between. We decided to celebrate our 2 years in business with the people that make DODO, the team behind it all. We also decided to extend the fun to friends of DODO, individuals who have loyally stayed with us from day one (or day 100 J ). We decided on a small intimate outing with 2 lucky winners.

First, we conducted a giveaway on our Instagram and Facebook pages to decide which of our friends from social media would get the opportunity to join us in our anniversary hangout.

We started off the day at Twin Waters in Lagos where we participated in fun games at the Rufus and Bee Arcade. Although we didn't win the giant banana doll at the gift store, we won beautiful smiles and peals of laughter; which was the whole point of the celebration. Jim Rohn said in an inspiring quote that “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; It is something you design for the present”, which we did!

After exhausting our game chips, we rode up to the top of the building - the rooftop aptly named ‘The View’, with a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. Up there, we chilled in the natural breeze and got acquainted with our 2 winners; Aisha and Happy.

We then relocated to the Marcopolo Chinese restaurant in Lekki, where we were served a three-course Chinese meal. We recounted sweet old memories from back in the university days and it was fun to learn about the quirky secrets of our teammates and our new friends. Our eating was punctuated by chuckles and hard laughs as some of us attempted and failed to use the Chinese chopsticks even after consulting YouTube videos. *covers face in shame*

Towards the end, there was a heart warming vote of thanks and appreciation given by our CEO and our guests got surprise gifts.

It was a truly mirthful experience that reminded us why we started- to positively influence not just businesses, but people as well through our skills and what we’ve been blessed with.

It was also a genuine bonding moment wrapped in beaming faces and filled up tummies. It would forever be a time to remember for us at DODO.

 2 years down...forever to go!

A Happy Anniversary to DODO!!!


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