5 Creative Things I Do as a Backend Developer that Makes my Work Easier

Created February 14, 2019 Humans of DODO

After about some 5+ years of programming, I have come to the knowledge that every programmer has to find creative solutions to challenges they encounter as they code. It is true that programmers are great examples of people who think outside the box, this is because they’re constantly inspired by the numerous problems they face, to push out and create great solutions, as they work.


Here are 5 creative things I do that programmer out there might find beneficial

  • Avoid Complexity at all Costs

Certain projects can take months if not years to be completed, times like these, locating certain codes or functions in a block of code can be problematic.

I try to make sure my codes are clean and easy to read, whether it be an API or just simple blocks of code. Some may say it is only logical and common practice, but it gets hard to keep up with practices like this when writing bulky codes of over 30,000 lines.


  • Explore New Things

I always try out new ways of solving the same problems I have faced before. For example, I could submit a form through traditional means or with AJAX request, just to have a taste of what it’s like to use a new approach.

Other times, I go online to research different approaches to a problem. Being on the internet almost immediately feeds you with new and interesting ideas.
As you explore, never be afraid to question new things you find.

Constantly test your assumptions, it helps you to see things in a new light.


  • Never Stop Testing Ideas

I find that I go through this pattern a lot when working: I decide how to solve a problem, try it out, then change my mind and take a different approach.

In coding, they are no specific ways to solve a problem and this is always true with developers.

Widening your horizon gives birth to new ways of doing things a.k.a innovations. Also, not ruling out or underestimating anything until a first try at it, even the tiniest block of code can bring a website down to its knees.


  • Try to Enjoy the Moment

Whether I am debugging for 10 straight hours or looking into why a particular feature isn’t working properly, I try to enjoy the moment. This way I love the job even more and learn valuable lessons along the way. Programmers will tell you that passion goes a long way in those dreary long hours when seemingly basic codes cause you hours of debugging due to a slight grammatical error.

Having a passion for the job probably wouldn’t be hard for most devs to do, anyway, cause almost every one of them, at least ones that I’ve met, is super passionate about coding.

We eat, sleep and breath codes.


  • Don’t be Afraid to Build off the Code of Others

The beauty of the Internet is that the solution you are looking for has probably already been executed by someone else.

When building a new site I almost always look for pre-existing open source code to use. Because, why recreate the wheel? Bringing a great idea into existence doesn’t necessarily mean creating from scratch.

My Advice? When you can, get existing, well-executed codes. Then turn them into something better.

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