Building a Website For Members of Africa's Cybersecurity Organization

Design Research | UX/UI DESIGN | Web Development


As the number of Africans with access to the internet rapidly increases, so is the concern of crime online. ISSAN (Information Security of Africa in Nigeria) is a body that leverages the power of community to fight cyber crime in Africa. They needed a website to support their members while informing interested potential members of the organization's benefits

DODO began from ground zero. We attended events, spoke to stakeholders, broke down the entire ISSAN ecosystem. The goal? To understand the organization's objectives and the unique benefits they offered to each stakeholder group, across Nigeria and Africa.


Building a platform for Trust and Engagement

The resulting data from our design research, which consisted of numerous visits to ISSAN meetings and event, talks with members and online research, informed the final design. Insights around member behaviour, potential members' desires and the Exco's goals drove the user's experience of the entire site.
The website allows members to easily view upcoming events, as well as potential members to view the credibility of the organization, and learn it's objectives in mere seconds of their visiting the site.