Case Study

How We Used Customer Insights to Design An Innovative Health Platform

Design Research | UX/UI DESIGN


There are times when the discovery of a problem births an innovative product or service, and there are times when the discovery of customer behaviours and global trends helps birth an idea.

In researching the health sector, specifically in Nigeria, we discovered:

Customers moving from seeking solutions only when they are sick to actively pursuing a healthy life.

When it comes to their health, people are more informed than ever before, thanks to the internet, and so people are seeking out holistic wellness options that drive a wholesome healthy lifestyle as opposed to the past where people would just go to health providers to get solutions for specific ailments.

The Knowledgeable and Empowered Consumer

Today’s patient is looking for their needs to be supported through real-time engagement, omni-channel access, and ‘always-on’ content.

The ‘convenience’ factor

Ease of use, increasingly drives people’s decisions in engaging with a service, no matter the sector. In the health sector, this is just as important, be it a hospital, pharmacy or HMO (Health insurance provider).

We combined these insights to innovations happening globally. This, and trends occurring that were relevant to the health sector pointed to the platform we designed.

Combining these 3 factors birthed the framework we used:

Design-Research-UX-UI-Design-DODO-Design-Framework for birthing innovation

Framework we built to help ideate innovative solutions to people’s needs

The End Solution:

1. Meets customers where they are at in their wellness journey helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

2. Connects people to health and wellness solution providers that are near them.


Users’ healthy lifestyles supported by a simple and engaging platform

3. Is one platform that is available on a variety of mediums so that it meets any and every user where they are at, even reaching remote Nigerians as the internet use grows exponentially month-to-month.

4. Feeds the customer with information that helps inform them at different points of their journey towards a healthier life, this ranges from answering questions that come up regarding their health, to confirming the credibility of drugs within Nigeria’s health system.


A mobile app supports the users’ on the go lifestyle