Telling the Story of an Ivorian NGO On Digital

Website | Mobile | UX/UI DESIGN


An NGO in Côte d’Ivoire reached out to us to help them improve their website so it could better tell their story to audiences outside just Ivory Coast. They were already partnering with some top organizations around the world, but their site wasn’t telling their story or portraying them in the right way.

Website design and development project UX Design

Digital Story Telling

Telling the story of an African NGO to a global audience can be very tricky these days, as people are saturated with the typical 'sad and unhealthy image of a child'. One of goals was telling FEMDEV's story in a super simple, as well as real way, so people could connect with it, and not be turned off.

With the limited budget for photograpy, we used a combination of stock imagery, using real pictures of the oranization's beneficiaries to capture the essesnce of the oranization on digital.

UX Design

The new site was well received by audiences and stakeholders, the message and authenticity of the organization showed through the visitor's journey on the site.