About the workshop

The Empathy Building workshop is a 3-day workshop that teaches you from the ground up, how to understand customers, build empathy, gain insights and use those insights to build better solutions for customers. You’ll learn how to leverage empathy to bring the right product to the market that customers truly need and buy into.
Recommended number of participants is 5-8 people

Benefits of this workshop

This Workshop:

  • Teaches you how to observe and ask the questions that are needed to gain the information you set out to get.
  • Shows you how to identify the right people to talk to when you embark on a journey of discovering your customers.
  • Helps you learn and build empathy for a wide variety of users as you build products to bring to market.

Workshop Breakdown

Here you will learn how to equip your team to successfully gather the relevant information and the insights gleaned to inform product solutions. You’ll map out everything necessary, from the right people to talk to, the right questions to ask, and the resources needed to successfully carry out your user research.

Learn the process of immersion. Empathy is one of creative thinking’s most powerful assets, and a bedrock for innovation. You’ll learn here how to understand and see from your customers’ perspective, helping you devise better solutions for them.

You’ll learn here how to gather the data and use it to build innovative and customer-friendly solutions for customers.

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