About the workshop

The Design Sprint is a 5-day process that helps teams solve challenges and test products and ideas quickly, with tangible results at the end of the week. The Design Sprint, is a proven methodology initiated by Google and inspired by a combination of the Agile framework and Design Thinking methodology.
Recommended number of participants is 5-8 people

Benefits of this workshop

It helps your team:

  • Test the potential of your concept without investing in code and before you start to design
  • Impress your investors, sponsors and stakeholders and get their buy-in
  • Get maximum return on investment and save your team unnecessary costs
  • Limit the risk level of introducing the wrong product to market, and be able to pivot cheaply and quickly
  • Find out user needs
  • Get immediate results

Workshop Breakdown

Begin with the end in mind. You’ll learn how to define a challenge in preparedness for creative problem solving. You’ll also gain learnings on how to learn about your customer, the context of the challenge and project quickly and effectively.

Here you’ll learn the different activities involved in bringing great ideas to life, get ready to sketch, debate, iterate and more.

Here you’ll learn what it takes to select good ideas and how to build up on ideas so that they become great ones. Learn the power of visual communication and collaboration amongst team members.

You’ll learn how to build ideas cheaply and quickly from scratch. Discover the power of prototyping to learn and iterate quickly on promising solutions.

Learn how to test with real users, get their feedback and use insights gotten to build and improve on your solution for market.

Your Facilitator

workshop host

Susan Onigbinde, is founder and CEO of DODO, a design, strategy and innovation agency in Lagos. She holds Certification in Design Strategy, Design Thinking and Business Design, along with years of experience helping organizations use design to solve challenges and bring better products to market.

workshop host

Thomas Osume is a Design Strategist at DODO Design Agency, a design, strategy and innovation agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. With certification in Design Practice in Business from TU Delftx. He is well equipped by training and experience to help businesses creatively solve problems faced within their businesses.

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