About the workshop

The Decision to Action workshop helps you have structured meetings that double as creative problem-solving sessions. This delivers clear next steps for your team around accomplishing tasks and tackling problems creatively.
Recommended number of participants is 5-8 people

Benefits of this workshop

This Workshop:

  • Shows your team how to tackle product and process challenges within a short amount of time, using real challenges they’re experiencing
  • Gives you actionable action steps to move forward with
  • Helps fosters collaboration and creative thinking with your team

Workshop Breakdown

In just 2 hours, you’ll learn and be equipped with the tools and knowledge to turn your meetings into highly creative and collaborative sessions.

You’ll learn how to look at an entire product, or process and identify areas of success as well as pain points.

Then, as a team, and in a structured way, you’ll learn how to work out novel ideas to challenges faced and plan out actionable, feasible and viable steps to solve them.

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