Customer Experience


Aside from branding, customer experience is one of the main ways your business can stand above from competitors. DODO Design Agency helps you look at your business offerings to design a strategy that helps you create better customer experiences across your company. We also focus on specific services and products. If you are introducing a new product or service into the market, we can assist you in developing a pleasant customer journey for your users.

We Offer:

Customer Experience Strategy

Service Design Strategy

What is customer experience and how does it benefit your business?


Define Your Goals and Expectation

First, we work with you to define your company’s core brand message, goals and
expectations, this helps whatever we design to be very unique to your brand, also enhancing consistency with the rest of your brand offerings.

Research and Exploration

We begin all our processes with research into the customer, more so when designing a brand’s customer’s experience as all our process are human-centered. Our research helps us discover distinctive ways your company can improve the customer’s experience, this not only gives you an upper hand in the market, but also causes customers to choose your brand first, because of the great interaction they have with it.


Using frameworks and proven tools, we map out and design a customer experience plan that you can implement to your business’ advantage and growth.

Customer research

Industry research

Product/Service definition

Customer Journey mapping

User empathy mapping

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27, Olateju Street, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria. 08095221113