Business Design, how does it benefit your company?

Design is increasingly more important than ever to business. This impact is not visual alone. Design has become a strategic tool helping companies to i) successfully compete; ii) innovate; iii) delight customers, and iv) reduce costs.
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Business Design Strategy

Design Research

Design research, is a tried and true method to discovering customer’s latent needs. It helps you understand the emotional and behaviour patterns of your customers, this will lead to creating better solutions that market themselves.

Website Development Design


Prototyping is a process Nigerian companies could really benefit from today. It involves building products or services primarily for the purpose of learning your customers’ response to them. This invaluable feedback then informs you as you build products and services. DODO helps you with the entire process, partnering with your team to discover insights that will delight your audience.

Business Design Strategy


DODO through its workshops, guides Business leaders on how to build stronger brands, customer-friendly products and services for profitability, and brand leadership. Reaching customers today, has never been more challenging. With our workshops, we aim to enlighten businesses on how to cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently discover customer needs and build for customer delight, brand loyalty and profitability. please put this under workshop

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