The one thing you should do when starting a business.

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The day was September 18th 2014, it was almost 10pm at night and a huge crowd had formed outside a store in Pasadena, California. The line of people was so long it measured about half a kilometre. The store was an Apple store and it was the day before the iPhone 6 was released. This story might seem normal, but read on, in it lies a great lesson in branding business.

If you are thinking, “why people would wait in line all night just for a phone? You are in good company (Never mind that the phone would be still be available days, months and years after).

The real question should be, what makes that product so good that it sells so well? Or what factors drive these customers’ loyalty so deep that these people are willing to wait in line overnight to be amongst the first to purchase the product.

There are many reasons for this, but the main underlying reason for this is simple. People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it. Apple has a solid ‘why’ that guides why they do what they do. And this resonates deeply with their customers. What does ‘why’ mean. A company’s ‘why’ is the reason behind their existence. What makes them do what they do. If you can define and communicate why you exist and operate as a company, you are on the right path to deeply connecting with your customers. Apple communicates clearly that they exist to go beyond average by challenging the status-quo every time. They then reflect this perfectly through their exceptional products, services, and employees. By showing this consistently over time, they create consumer loyalty.


How can this principle work for your brand, product or service? First establish the reason why you exist (this reason should go beyond just making money). Once your ‘why’ has been established, let that be reflected everyday in your products and in the services you provide. Let it guide all you do and say as a company. If you do this consistently over time, your ideal customer will definitely take notice, this begins a deep and long-term connection with your brand. Isn’t that all we all dream of? A customer that will do whatever it takes to purchase our product. Do this and you never know, yours might be the next one people will wait overnight in line for.
start with why purpose of business

Watch this video by Simon Sinek to learn more about the reason people buy why you do something and not what you do.

You can watch the longer version here.


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