About DODO

DODO is a design company committed to adding value to businesses and improving people’s lives. We use design to help companies create experiences for their customers that go beyond the regular, creating 'wow' moments along the way.

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We get asked a lot what DODO means. DODO stands for a set of beliefs that define running business as not just making a profit but also enriching people's life and business while doing it.

We Believe...

Our work should

improve the


You never stop


Just do it!

Putting heart into

your hustle will

set you apart

Being Nice

is the way to go

What We Do

Prototyping Mobile App Business Design Strategy

Business Design

You just have to take a look at the world’s leading companies to see how design is increasingly becoming integral to business. This impact goes beyond just visual design. Design has become a strategic tool to i) successfully compete; ii) innovate; iii) surprise and delight customers, and iv) reduce costs. Using processes like Design Research and Prototyping, we help companies discover hidden opportunities to delight their customers.

Inspaya Website Development Design project

Website, App and Ecommerce

Digital platforms are one of the most powerful places where interactions between your brand and your customers happen today. We help companies design experiences for their customers, that resonate with them and drives growth for your company.

Customer and market research project

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Brand is now more customer-centered than ever. These days, customers help build your brand. The experiences you create for them play a great role in these consumers’ perception, and interpretation of your brand. From brand strategy to logo design, and creation of branded materials, DODO helps you create experiences that meets customer needs and your company’s goals.