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In a time where consumers require more than a great product or service to patronise a business, DODO leverages the potency of the design process to bring about uncommon solutions that consumers resonate with, the kind of solutions that provide significant value for todays companies.

Some of Our Case Studies

Discovering and Fighting Causes of Loss in Nigeria’s Tomato Value Chain

Nigeria is Africa's second largest producer of tomatoes, yet the country still stands at a deficit, as loss occurs when tomatoes are transported from farm to market. In the Rockefeller Foundation and pyxera Global's multiyear project, aimed at helping to reduce this tomato loss significantly and increase the tomato farmers' livelihoods, DODO was tasked with understanding how loss occured as tomatoes were handled from farm to market, and to come up with recommendations and solutions to curb these losses.

Rockefeller research
Uplearn design research

Designing a Measurable & Actionable System to Improve Primary School Education in Nigeria

In Sub-Saharan Africa, a meager 2% of the education budget goes to pre-primary education, yet the World Bank emphasises that 'investing in early childhood education is one of the smartest things a country can do to eliminate extreme poverty, boost shared prosperity and grow.' DODO designed Uplearn, a measurable and actionable system that helps with public primary school children fully develop in the critical areas of literacy, mathematics, as well as social skills.

Meeting Customer Needs
Beyond Banking

Since 2019, we’ve worked with various units at Union Bank spanning, Design Research, UX/UI Design, and Business Design. While we can’t get into all the details, our efforts have so far been successful as we’ve partnered to help drive design and innovation transformation within the bank.

Union Bank LOGO

Solutions that transform businesses and lives: Design Research, Design Strategy, UX/UI Design, Web Development and Branding

Our Past Clients
Rockefeller foundation

Using design to fight against Post-harvest loss in tomatoes

Union bank

Our work with Union bank spanned Design Research, Business Design, Design Thinking and UX/UI Design


Working to improve public school learning for Nigerian primary school

Improving a website's experience so users easily get the information they need

Branding a modern African skincare brand for a global audience


Giving global companies access to Africa’s shores

Pyxera Global

Discovering causes of loss in Nigeria’s tomato value chain with design


Rethinking a creative brand to speak to creative entrepreneurs

organic life plus

Designing a luxurious yet simple skincare brand for the African market

Inspaya logo

Designing a tech brand bursting with emotion

Afrikoncept logo

Brand strategy and branding for an Afrocentric fashion brand to resonate with a global audience

wumi tori logo

Branding and Brand Strategy for a jewellery fashion brand targeting the American and European market

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Our Design & Innovation Initiatives
Design and Innovation podcast

Design & Innovation Podcast

The Design and Innovation Podcast (DIP) features conversations with leaders and experts in Business and Design from around the world, around design, innovation, and global trends, looking at how they benefit businesses today.

DODO innovation series

The Innovation Series

A conversation with innovation and strategy leaders around the world. These series will benefit business leaders seeking to drive innovation within their organisations.